Martinis After Dark

Martinis After Dark

My newest book, Martinis After Dark, is now available! Martinis After Dark is the first in my new romantic suspense series, located in Bernadette’s Bar. You may remember that Bernadette’s is the bar Cash frequents in Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink. I hope you enjoy this series as much as Modern Girl’s Guide!

A woman on the run and a player on the rocks have no business falling in love …

After CPA Lee O’Brien uncovers evidence of money laundering at her job, her apartment is ransacked and she’s forced into hiding. When she tries to rent an apartment under an assumed name, she learns it comes with a job — and a boss she can’t afford to fall for.

Tattooed, sexy bar owner Dylon Knightly has a big heart but no head for business. He knows the curvy, redheaded Irish beauty with the dry wit is in some kind of trouble, but he won’t turn her away … and can’t help wanting more.

The heat between them burns through their efforts to keep a professional distance. When Lee’s trouble comes looking for her, everything she holds most dear is threatened — including the life of the charming bartender who captured her heart. But even if they survive, will they be able to overcome the secrets between them?


Coming Soon: Dark Secrets Anthology

Coming Soon: Dark Secrets Anthology

Gina’s supernatural mystery, Lotus Petal, is going to be featured in the Dark Secrets Anthology this September!

Other authors in Dark Secrets include: Colleen Gleason, Erin McCarthy, Kathryn Le Veque, Author, Kristine Mason, Sarah M. Cradit, Elle J Rossi Author, Rachel Rawlings, and  Genevieve Jack.

Dark Secrets is available for pre-order right now for a steal!  NINE BOOKS for $0.99! It’ll be Live on Wednesday, September 7th at these retailers:


Other news:

Also, in case you hadn’t heard, the first three Modern Girl’s Guide books are now available in a boxed set. This is for the discounted price of $6.99!

Get all three for $6.99

Get all three for $6.99

The boxed set is available now on:


Coming Soon!  MGG to KINK

Coming Soon! MGG to KINK

I have in my in-box an edited version of Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink!

lace up

Just putting a few finishing touches and then…

Modern Girl’s Guide to Kink will be out JUNE 24th

Yes, that’s right, I have an actual DATE!   MGG to Kink will be priced at a special release rate (of $0.99) for a limited time only.

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Book Update

Book Update

In case you missed this from my mailing list

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Hey, guys!

I hope the winter treated you well. As for me and mine, we were hit by the PLAGUE.
Seriously! I can’t remember ever being that sick. I was convinced that it was the end times. The world was ending, not with a bang, but with a hacking cough.

A little shout out to my SPN family.

Some bad news:

Unfortunately, two months of either being sick or dealing with sick kids put a serious kink (no pun intended) in my writing schedule. After sending out my next book to Beta Readers, I realized I needed to do some major reworking. So I’ve had to push back the release date (which also meant rescheduling with my editor). Right now I’m cautiously saying book 4 will be out in JUNE* of 2016.

*barring any natural disaster or zombie plagues

#IWSG: Kindle Unlimited. The sky is falling!

#IWSG: Kindle Unlimited. The sky is falling!

Today is the first Wednesday of the month. That means it’s time for Insecure Writer’s Support Group!   You can find the sign up for the IWSG here. We owe Alex J Cavanaugh a huge thank you for thinking this blog hop up.

I’m a business owner as well as an author.  Owning a business has prepared me well for being a self-published author.  Self-publishing IS self-employment.  You have to learn to roll with the punches and be able to adapt when things change.

Amazon changed the rule of the game today. AGAIN.


Last month, out of the blue, Amazon announced changes to the Kindle Unlimited program.  They are now going to pay by the page. This came out of the blue and Author’s everywhere are grumbling, speculating, and panicking.

Me?  I’m adjusting my expectations and revisiting my publishing schedule and marketing plan.  Because in self-employment, and THEM’S THE BREAKS.

A few years back, a new hospital opened in my area and they brought with them their own Home Health agency.  Almost overnight we saw our patient census cut in half. It was a hard lean time for our business, but we survived.  Then Medicare rolled out cuts. Again we adjusted.  Our business hasn’t stayed open for 29 years by panicking.

Are you Panicking?


If the new Kindle Unlimited rules slash your income, I’m sorry, but now’s time to take a step back and adjust.  You can do it! 

If you are a short story writer. Short fiction makes sense for a number of reasons. You can build a catalog quickly. For the amount of time it takes me to write and edit an 80k book, a short writer can have FIVE 20k novellas out and selling.  With similar word count, we will now be making similar money. Only the Short writer will start making that money months before I will.  AND there’s also the reality that people are MORE likely to finish a 20k novella than they are an 80K novel.  Novelists are in for a big surprise on how many people NEVER finish their books.  20k is easier to digest even if you don’t like the writing.

For novelist: Feel good that the effort you’re putting into your longer work is now being recognized. No longer will you receive the same amount on a borrow as a 10k short story. While a pay per page READ isn’t ideal, it’s a more equitable system than before.


And remember, Kindle Select isn’t a requirement. Kindle Select is a TOOL. If it isn’t working for you (or you personally don’t want to participate), you can pull out or not enroll in the first place.

The Stages of Writing (in Gif) Part Deux

The Stages of Writing (in Gif) Part Deux

You might call this a companion of sorts to NANOWRIMO’s post.  For an indie author, writing isn’t just about getting words to paper.

The Stages of Writing, the indie author’s version:

Starting a new book:

1. You’ve got this GREAT idea:

You’re a writing machine!

2 Then you hit the middle and you realize:

You try to remember why your character made that one choice that now has your entire plot in shambles…

3. You spend hours staring at your keyboard willing the words to come

4. You look for support from friends

5. You finally have a breakthrough!

6. Before you know it, you’ve hit THE END.

BUT now the work is just starting!!!

7. You spend the next six weeks editing. It goes a little like this:

8. The whole time you’re getting messages from fans asking when the next book will be out…

and your editorial deadline is coming up.

9. Then you start getting feedback from BETA READERS:

And they never agree.

10. But you faithfully go through all the feedback and do another round of edits

11. Then your editor gets a crack at it!!!

12. And after all that, there’s still formatting, cover art, advertising…

I’ve learned to appreciate comfortable clothing.

13. Then you’re finally ready to hit publish.

14. And that’s when you realize, it’s time to start all over again.