You might call this a companion of sorts to NANOWRIMO’s post.  For an indie author, writing isn’t just about getting words to paper.

The Stages of Writing, the indie author’s version:

Starting a new book:

1. You’ve got this GREAT idea:

You’re a writing machine!

2 Then you hit the middle and you realize:

You try to remember why your character made that one choice that now has your entire plot in shambles…

3. You spend hours staring at your keyboard willing the words to come

4. You look for support from friends

5. You finally have a breakthrough!

6. Before you know it, you’ve hit THE END.

BUT now the work is just starting!!!

7. You spend the next six weeks editing. It goes a little like this:

8. The whole time you’re getting messages from fans asking when the next book will be out…

and your editorial deadline is coming up.

9. Then you start getting feedback from BETA READERS:

And they never agree.

10. But you faithfully go through all the feedback and do another round of edits

11. Then your editor gets a crack at it!!!

12. And after all that, there’s still formatting, cover art, advertising…

I’ve learned to appreciate comfortable clothing.

13. Then you’re finally ready to hit publish.

14. And that’s when you realize, it’s time to start all over again.